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Ancient Egyptian deities: Reshef
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also Reshep
Reshef     Originally the Canaanite god of lightning and plague, Reshef became the Egyptian war god Reshep, rSp (translit. rSpw), during the New Kingdom. Ramses III wrote at Medinet Habu about his army:
... The officers (znn) are mighty like Reshep, when they see ten thousand likewise. [///] /// /// like Montu.
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Four, § 40

Late New Kingdom to Late Period
Courtesy Simon Hayter

    Later he became a popular protective deity who listened to pleas. On his Upper Egyptian crown he wore the head of a gazelle, an animal of the desert belonging to Seth, instead of a uraeus, and in his hand he held a shield and a spear or some other weapon. He was often considered the consort of the goddess Qadshu.

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