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Ancient Egyptian deities: Nebetu
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also Nebtu, Nebetu'u
    Nebetu was the Lady of the Fields or Mistress of the territory, a somewhat obscure goddess with a cult at Esna,[2] which included processions of the goddess, among them one when she was dressed in red clothes on the tenth day of the first month of inundation,[3] another a journey to Pi-Sahure together with Heqa the child, from which they returned to Esna by nightfall.[4] She was still revered there in Roman times.[5]


    At Iunit (Gk. Latopolis, modern Esna) in the third nome of Upper Egypt she formed a triad with her consort Khnum and, at times, his second wife,Menhyt.[1] at others with the god Heka as a child.[4]


    She was at times identified with Hathor.
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