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Ancient Egyptian deities: Montu
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also Mont, Month, Monthu
Montu     War-god, protector of the gods, especially Re. He became the Montu, Lord of Thebes during the eleventh dynasty, and was important to the pharaohs of the early Middle Kingdom. Nessumontu lead campaigns against the bedouins:
... I overthrew the [strongholds (?)] of the [nomads (?)] as if [they had never (?)] been. [I] coursed through the field, I went forth [before those who were (?)] behind their defenses, without [my] equal therein, by command of Montu, to him who followed the plan of ///
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One, § 471
    He was replaced in importance by Amen, but many of the more war-like later pharaohs referred to him, thus Ramses III at Medinet Habu:
Year 5 under the majesty of Horus: Mighty Bull, Extending Egypt, Mighty of sword, strong-armed, slayer of the Tehenu, Wearer of the Double Diadem; [Mighty in strength like his father Montu]...
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Four, § 37


    He had temples at Hermonthis and Thebes. Menkheperre, in his record of the temples at Karnak lists: the house of Montu, Lord of Thebes. Together with his consort Rattawy and the child-god Harpocrates he formed the triad of Medamud.


    Montu was depicted with a falcon head, crowned by two feathers and a sun-disk. The Bukhis bull, a white animal with a black head, was dedicated to him. His weapon was the spear.

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