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Ancient Egyptian deities: Min
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Pan to the Greeks
Min     Popular fertility god, Lord of Panoplis and of Coptos. He was depicted like an ithyphallic man, his legs wrapped like a mummy's, holding a flail in his raised hand and wearing a cap with two feathers. He was referred to as "Lofty of the Two Feathers".
    His amulets were widely worn. Lettuce with its supposedly aphrodisiac qualities was one of his attributes, another was a small sanctuary surmounted by a leaflike fan and surrounded by lettuce plants.
    He became also a god of vegetation. During his feast, the Feast of the Dais, he received the first wheat ear of the harvest, cut by the pharaoh himself.
    As lord of the highlands he was venerated for supplying stone for sarcophagi
... to bring for me an august block of pure costly stone which is in this mountain, [whose excellent things (?)] Min makes; for a sarcophagus, an eternal memorial and for monuments in the temples of Middle Egypt, according as a king over the Two Lands sends to bring for himself the desire of his heart, from the highlands of his father Min.
Hammamat inscription, Mentuhotep IV
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One, § 442
On the same expedition it rained to such an extent it was considered a miracle:
... rain was made, the forms of this god (i.e. Min) appeared, his fame was shown to men, the highland was made a lake
Hammamat inscription, Mentuhotep IV
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One, § 451
    In a hymn Min and Horus appear equated
I worship Min, I extol arm-raising Horus:
Hail to you, Min in his procession!
Tall-plumed, son of Osiris,
Born of divine Isis.
Great in Senut, mighty in Ipu (i.e. Panoplis=Akhmim),
You of Coptus, Horus strong-armed,
Lord of awe who silences pride,
Sovereign of all the gods!
Fragrance laden when he comes from Medja-land,
Awe inspiring in Nubia,
You of Utent, hail and praise!
Hymn to Min of the Deputy-treasurer Sobk-iry, Middle Kingdom
M. Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature, Vol.1, p.204
    Kamutef (Bull of his Mother) was a designation of both Amen and Min, who was known as Min-Kamutef, the begetter of his own mother, i.e. a creator god.

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