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Ancient Egyptian deities: Mehet-uret
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also Meht-weret, Meht-urt, Mehurt, Methyer
Mehet-uret     Like Neith, Mehet-uret, the Great Flood, was a goddess of the primordial waters from which the new sun arose. In the shape of a cow, she gave birth to the sun and carried its disk between her horns. She was identified with the Heavenly Cow which was impregnated every evening by her offspring in the shape of the Mnevis bull. Hathor is sometimes associated with her.

Source: Eric Hornung, Betsy M. Bryan, eds. The Quest for Immortality, Treasures of Ancient Egypt, Washington D.C. National Gallery of Art, 2002

    At times she was depicted lying on the watery expanse of the primordial heavenly waters, carrying the sun disk between her horns and decked out with a menat necklace and a flail, at others as a woman with a cow's head.

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