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Ancient Egyptian deities: Herishef
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    Greek Harsaphes, also Harsafes, Heryshef.

Herishef     Meaning of the name: "He who is on his lake". Creator and fertility god in the shape of a ram. An image of Re, he rose out of the primordial waters (the "lake") at Heracleopolis. Since the First Intermediate Period he was identified with Re, wearing a sun disk on his head. When identified with Osiris he wore the atef-crown.
    Somtutefnakht, priest of Somtus, Sakhmet and Amen-Re thanked the god of his hometown, Harsaphes, Ruler of the shores, for the blessings he had received. There Harsaphes shared his temple with three other creator gods: Khnum, Atem and Osiris.
O every priest who serves this august god,
Harsaphes, King of the Two Lands,
Re-Harakhti, Lord-of-All,
Beneficent Ram in Hnes,
Atum, foremost in the Naret nome;
High priest of the Ram, the primeval force,
Servant of the Ram, the begetting bull,
Scarf-wearer of the lord of the shores,
His-beloved-son of the King of the Two Lands,
You who enter heaven and behold those in it -
Harsaphes, King of the Two Lands,
Atum within his robing room,
Khnum, great god in the chapel,
And the King of Egypt, Wennofer
Stela of Somtutefnakht, Late Period
M. Lichtheim: Ancient Egyptian Literature, Vol.3, p.43
He was the main deity of Heracleopolis Magna (Hnes) in the 20th nome of Upper Egypt
Behold, his majesty commanded to dispatch me to Hammamat, to bring a monument, which his majesty commanded to make for Harsaphes (Hr-S.f), lord of Heracleopolis
J. H. Breasted, Reign of Senusret III
Ancient Records of Egypt
, Part One, §675
and was also referred as lord of Heliopolis
a chapel presented before Harsaphes, lord of Heliopolis
J. H. Breasted, Reign of Osorkon I
Ancient Records of Egypt
, Part Four, §733
    As fertility god Herishef was praised as giver of food and lead the deities bringing offerings.
    The Greeks identified him with Heracles.

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