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Ancient Egyptian deities: Heka
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also Heqa, Hike
    Heka (MdC transliteration HkA) was the embodiment of the power of the sun, of the magic which was instrumental in the creation process. He was a member of the crew of the solar bark defending Re against the attacks of Apophis. Heka's influence was ubiquitous, both in this life as in the next one could not do without him. In the Coffin Texts the deceased rely implicitly on Heka's assistance.
I am not afraid in my limbs, for Hu and Hike overthrow for me that evil being.
M. Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature, Vol.1, p.132
At the same time the dead were furnished with magical spells to protect them.
    Heka belonged to the Triad of Latopolis, as son of Khnum and Menhit.
    He was depicted as a man or boy carrying on his head a standard with a frog, capturing two snakes in his hands.

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