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Ancient Egyptian deities: Hauron
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also Hurun, Horon
    Hauron Originally a desert deity from Lebanon, a form of Baal identified with the Assyrian war-god Ninurta,[6] Hauron, to the Egyptians Hwr or the like (transliteration Hwr, Hwrn, Hwrwn), was adopted by them as a protective god during the New Kingdom. At Pi-Ramesse, one of the god's cult centres, a statue was found of the falcon-headed god protecting the child Ramses II.[1] He was identified with the Great Sphinx at Giza and worshipped as the sun god [2] Horemakhet-Hauron (or Hauron-Harmachis etc).

Hauron on the Stela of Tutuia[7]
His name appears as Hwr at the top of the left-hand column.

    Amenhotep II built a small chapel in his honour.[3], as did Seti I, dedicated as a place of worship for the common people:
...He has made as his monument for his father Hauron, Horus in the Horizon - the making for him [of /////] advanced as a place of [/////] a place of prayer for the common folk... [4]
A temple at Memphis is also documented.
    Hauron was depicted as a sphinx or a falcon, at times with a double crown and as Hauron-Atem he was also identified with this creator god. He was referred to as the brave herdsman and as the one who chases the beasts of prey from the pasturage.[5]

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