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Harakhte, picture courtesy Jon Bodsworth     Horus of the Horizon, in the Pyramid Texts still an independent deity personifying the morning sun, he merged with Re into Re-Harakhte. But even during the New Kingdom he was at times still depicted as separate from Re. At Amada Amenhotep II is shown offering wine to Amen-Re and Harakhte.
Harakhte! Great god, lord of heaven, lord of earth, who cometh forth from the horizon. He illuminateth the Two Lands, the sun of darkness, as the great one, as Re.
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Three, § 3
    In a relief in Horemheb's tomb Re is described as Harakhte, only god, but at the same time as king of gods.

Re-Harakhte, tomb of Siptah
Picture source: Jon Bodsworth

    Obelisks were erected in honour of the sun. Thutmose  III dedicated his obelisks at Heliopolis (London obelisk) to Harakhte
..... Thutmose (III); he made (it) as his monument for his father, Harakhte, erecting for him two great obelisks; with pyramidion of electrum, at the fourth occurrence of the jubilee (Hb-sd), because he so much loved [his father (?)].
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Two, § 633
    He is depicted with a human body and the head of a falcon wearing a sun-disk surrounded by a uraeus snake.

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