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Ancient Egyptian deities: Sia, god of wisdom
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also Sa, Esya, Esye
    Sia, sjA (transliteration sjA) was the god of wisdom and knowledge, residing in the heart.
Enthrone his majesty in your hearts
He is Esye in the hearts
Inscription of Sehetebibre, 12th dynasty
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One, §747
According to Breasted the meaning of this passage is: honor the king in your innermost hearts, for he knows your hearts.
    Spell 267 of the Pyramid Texts describe Unas as having taken on the form Sia, who carried the the Book of God and was on the right of Re.
    Sia, the Knowing One,[1] came into being when Re cut his phallus [2] and was among the creative powers of Amen-Re together with Hu, Heka, Sedjem and others, accompanying him on his sun barque.

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