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Anuket     Greek Anukis, at times considered a consort of Khnum, at others his daughter. One of the goddesses of the cataracts (cf. Satis) and of the Nile inundation. Generally depicted in human form wearing a feather crown. Venerated at Komir near Esne in the shape of a gazelle. An ostracon depicts her as a gazelle calling her Lady of the Sky and Princess of the Gods.
    Senusret III after clearing a channel through the first cataract made a rock inscription on the island of Sehel:
He made it as a monument to Anuket, mistress of Nubia /// /// ///, making for her a canal...
Harris papyrus
J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One, § 644
    The Greeks equated her with Hera, wife of Zeus.



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