Ancient Egypt: Commemorative Stela of the Ramesside family at Tanis
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Commemorative Stela of the Ramesside family at Tanis

    (1) Live the Horus: Mighty Bull, Who Loves Truth, ... .
    (5) His majesty commanded the making of a great stela of granite bearing the great name of his fathers, in order to set up the name of the father of his fathers (and of) the King Men-maat-Re, the Son of Re: Seti Mer-ne-Ptah, and abiding forever like Re every day: Year 400, 4th month of the third season, day 4, of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Seth-the-Great- of-Strength; the Son of Re, his beloved: The Ombite, beloved of Re-Hor-akhti, so that he exists forever and ever.
    Now there came the Hereditary Prince; Mayor of the City and Vizier; Fan-Bearer on the Right Hand of the King, Troop Commander; Overseer of Foreign Countries; Overseer of the Fortress of Sile; Chief of Police, Royal Scribe; Master of Horse; Conductor of the Feast of the Ram-the-Lord-of-Mendes; High Priest of Seth; Lector Priest of Uto, She-Who-Opens-the-Two-Lands; and Overseer of the Prophets of All the Gods, Seti, the triumphant, the son of the Hereditary Prince; Mayor of the City and Vizier;
    (10) Troop Commander; Overseer of Foreign Countries; Overseer of the Fortress of Sile; Royal Scribe; and Master of Horse, Pa-Ramses , the triumphant, and child of the Lady of the House and Singer of the Re, Tiu, the triumphant.
    He said: 'Hail to thee, o Seth, Son of Nut, the Great of Strength in the Barque of Millions, felling the enemy at the prow of the barque of Re, great of battle cry... ! Mayest [thou] give me a good lifetime serving [thy] ka, while I remain in [thy favor] ...'

Pritchard, James B. Ancient Near Eastern Texts. Princeton, 1969., pp.252-253.

- -Mighty Bull, Who Loves Truth, ... : the titles of Ramses II
-the father of his fathers: Seti I, founder of the House of the Ramessides
-Men-maat-re: Seti I (c.1318-c.1304)
-Hor-akhti: Horus of the rising sun
-Fan-Bearer on the Right Hand of the King: a position of great honour
-Sile: Fortress town defending the northern Sinai road to Egypt
-Pa-Ramses: Ramses I, Seti's son
-Uto: Goddess of Lower Egypt
-Barque of Millions: the Barque of Millions of Years, the Menjet Boat in which Ra rose in the morning from behind Manu, the Mountain of Sunrise.
    The broad rays of a far-spreading dawn were already piercing the azure veils of the celestial horizons, and the choir of the glorious spirits, the Akhimou-Sekou, who have attained to eternal repose, was chanting: "Rise, Re Hermakouti, sun of spirits! Those in thy barque are in exaltation. They raise exclamations in the barque of millions of years. The great divine cycle overflows with joy when glorifying the mighty sacred barque. Rejoicing is taking place in the mysterious chapel. Rise, Ammon-Re Hermakouti, thou self-creating sun!"
Brian Brown, 1923, The Wisdom of the Egyptians, Chapter VII, p/275
-enemy: The snake Apophis whom only Seth could vanquish.
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