Troubled times in Egypt towards the end of the 4th century BCE
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Troubled times in Egypt towards the end of the 4th century BCE

    I have been subject to the master of Khmunu since my birth. As all his designs were in my heart, he chose me to administer his temple, knowing that his fear was in my heart. I spent seven years as leswnhV (lesones) of this god, administering his goods, and no fault was ever found, when a king froom foreign countries was in power over Egypt. And there was nothing in its former place, since there were struggles in the interior of Egypt, the south was in turmoil and the north in a state of revolt. People went astray, there was no more temple at the disposition of its servants, and the priests were removed, ignorant of what was going on.

From the tomb of Petosiris,
After a French translation from Le Tombeau de Petosiris by Gustave Lefebvre.

    But Petosiris did more than just complain. As lesones of Thoth he restored his temple and reinstated the priests. He filled its granaries with barley and wheat and its treasury with all good things. Throughout the tomb Petosiris is represented performing tasks and rites which, at other times, would have been performed by the pharaoh himself.

    I held the measuring line. I unrolled the line to lay the foundations for the temple of Re in the park. I built it in beautiful white limestone, finished with all sorts of work: its doors are pine covered with copper from Asia. I made Re, the infant who resides on the Isle of the Flame, dwell in it.


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-Gustave Lefebvre. Le Tombeau de Petosiris
-Petosiris bringing offerings to Thoth

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