Main Index
Lists using glyph fonts
A. Man and his occupations
B. Woman and her occupations
C. Anthropomorphic deities
D. Parts of the human body
E. Mammals
F. Parts of mammals
G. Birds
H. Parts of birds
I. Amphibians and reptiles
K. Fish
L. Invertebrata and lesser animals
M. Trees and plants
N. Sky, earth and water
O. Buildings
P. Ships
Q. Domestic and funerary furniture
R. Temple furniture and sacred emblems
S. Crowns, dress, staves
T. Warefare, hunting, butchery
U. Tools
V. Ropes, fibres, wicker work
W. Vessels
X. Offerings
Y. Toys, implements for writing, musical instruments
Z. Strokes, signs derived from hieratic