Ancient Egypt: Tombs of the noblemen
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Tombs of the Noblemen

(Late Bronze Age, 15th-13th c. B.C.E.)
Scenes of tribute offerings in Rekhmire's tomb
Scene from a nobleman's tomb Coming in peace by the princes of Retenu and all northern countries of the ends of Asia, bowing down in humility, with their tribute upon their backs, seeking that there be given them the breath of life and desiring to be subject to his majesty, for they have seen his very great victories and the terror of him has mastered their hearts.
Now it is the Hereditary Prince, Count, Father and Beloved of the God, great trusted man of the Lord of the Two Lands, Mayor and Vizier, Rekh-mi-Re (reign of Thutmose III), who receives the tribute of all foreign countries...
Presenting the children of the princes of the southern countries, along with the children of the princes of the northern countries, who were brought as the best of the booty of his majesty, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Men-kheper-Re (Thutmose III), given life, from all foreign countries, to fill the workshop and to be serfs of the divine offerings of his father Amon, Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands, according as there have been given to him all foreign countries together in his grasp, with their princes prostrated under his sandals.
Pritchard, James B. Ancient Near Eastern Texts.
Princeton, 1969., pp. 248

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The tombs of the nobles

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