Ancient Egypt: History and culture
A short history of ancient Egypt: The Unification - The pyramid builders - The growth of the middle class, the decline of central power and the conquest of the Hyksos - Building an empire - The rule of the foreigners - The Hellenists
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A Short History
Ancient Egypt

Bowen's Egypt map, 1740
A Map of Ancient Egypt, Bowen, 1740 AD


-Dynasties I and II: The Unification
-   The Bull Palette
-   The Narmer Palette
-   Herodotus on Menes
-Dynasties III to XI: From the first pyramid builders to the beginning of the Middle Kingdom
-   The subjugation of Nubia
-   The Famine Stele (The famine referred to : ca.2660 BCE)
-   Herodotus on Khufu (ca.2585-2566 BCE)
-   Herodotus on Khafre (ca.2558-2532 BCE)
-   Herodotus on Menkaure (ca.2532-2514 BCE)
-   The Campaigns of Pepi I (ca.2313-2279) in Southern Canaan
-   Sixth dynasty tomb inscription
-   The Instructions of Merikare (ca.2200 BCE)
-   The end of the Old Kingdom
-   The biography of Tefibi (9/10th dynasty)
-   The inscriptions of Kheti (Akhtoy), son of Tefibi (9/10th dynasty)
-   The inscriptions of Kheti (Akhtoy), son of Sit (9/10th dynasty)
-Dynasties XII to XVII: The growth of the middle class, the decline of central power and the conquest of the Hyksos
-   Asiatics in Egyptian Household Services
-   Herodotus on Amenemhet III (1817-1772 BCE)
-   The Semna stelae of Senusret III
-   Herodotus on Sesostris (perhaps Senusret II or Ramses II)
-   Manetho on the Hyksos
-   Kamose Inscription
-   The autobiography of Ahmose, son of Abana
-   Description of Asiatic life from the Tale of Sinuhe
-Dynasties XVIII to XX: The reassertion of Egyptian power and the building of an empire
-   The Tempest Stele of Ahmose I
-   The priests of Amen-Re and the Theban kings
-   Marriage as a tool of foreign politics
-   Hatshepsut's (ca.1498-1483 BCE) Inscription on the Hyksos
-   Tombs of the Noblemen
-   The Asiatic Campaigns of Thutmose III (ca.1482 BCE)
-   The battle of Megiddo (ca.1482 BCE)
-   An Egyptian account of the battle of Megiddo (ca.1482 BCE)
-   Thutmose III: The Napata Stele
-   The Asiatic campaigns of Amenhotep II
-   The Semna stela of the viceroy Merimose
-   Two marriages of Amenhotep III
-   The Amarna Letters
  -   A Letter from Kadashman Enlil of Babylon to Amenhotep III
  -   A Letter from the King of Babylon to the King of Egypt
-   Burnaburiash trying to get more gold from Akhenaten
-   Burnaburiash asking for more gold
-   Letter from a princess
  -   A Letter from Tushratta, king of Mitanni
  -   A Letter from Tushratta loaning a statue of the goddess Shauskha to Amenhotep III
  -   A Letter from Yabitiri to Amenhotep III
  -   A Letter from Tushratta wishing Akhenaten good health
  -   Letters from Suppiluliuma to Akhenaten
-   Letters from the king of Alasiya
-   Letters from Ashur-Uballit
-   A Letter from Abdu-Heba of Jerusalem
-   A Letter from Shuwardata of Keilah
-   Another Letter from Abdu-Heba
-   Letters by Rib-Addi of Biblos
-   Letters by Biridiya of Megiddo
-   Letter from Labayu of Shechem
Letter from Yapahu   Letter from Yapahu of Gezer
Letter from the ruler of Acco   Letter from the ruler of Acco
Letter from Abi-Milku   Letter from Abi-Milku, king of Tyre
Letter from Pharaoh to Endaruta   Letter from Pharaoh to Endaruta of Akshapa
Letter from Pharaoh to Milkilu   Letter from Pharaoh to Milkilu of Gezer
Letters from Aziru   Letters from Aziru to his brother Khai concerning Hittite incursions, to the pharaoh and to Dudu
Letters from Akizzi of Qatna   Letters from Akizzi of Qatna
-   Letter from Pabi, prince to Akhenaten
-   Tutankhamun's (ca.1334-1325 BCE) Restoration
-   The "Zannanza affair"
-   Stelae of Ramses I (ca.1318 BCE) and Seti I at Wadi Halfa
-   Campaign of Seti I in Northern Palestine (ca.1318 BCE)
-   The Journal of a Frontier Official
-   Ramses II: The Battle of Kadesh (1299 BCE)
-   Picture of the battle of Kadesh (1299 BCE)
-   Egyptian accounts of the battle of Kadesh (1299 BCE)
-   Commemorative Stela of the Family of Ramses at Tanis
-   Egyptian-Hittite Correspondence
-   Beit Shean Stela of Ramses II
-   The Asiatic Campaigning of Ramses II (ca.1300 BCE)
-   The End of the Egyptian-Hittite Hostilities
-   Peace Treaty between Ramses II and Hattusili III (ca.1283 BCE)
-   Hymn of Merneptah (ca.1230 BCE)
-   Report of an officer chasing runaway slaves
-   The end of the 19th Dynasty (1200 BCE)
-   The Report of a Frontier Official
-   The Incursions of the Sea Peoples
-   Assassination attempts against Ramses III (ca.1167 BCE)
-   Herodotus on Rhampsinitos (Ramses III)
-   The Decline of Egyptian power: Wen-amen's journey to Gebal (Byblos) (ca.1100 BCE)
-Dynasties XXI to XXXI: The rule of the foreigners
-   The rise to power of the Libyans
-   The Palestine campaign of Sheshonq I (930 BCE)
-   The Assyrian Expansion into Palestine (732 BCE)
-   The beginnings of the Ethiopian Dynasty (716 BCE)
-   The Stela of Piye (716 - 711 BCE)
-   Herodotus on Sethos (Shebitku) (ca.697-689 BCE)
-   The Assyrian Conquest of Egypt (671 BCE)
-   The end of the Kushite involvement (663 BCE)
-   The fall of Thebes (663 BCE)
-   The pharaohs of Sais and the Ionians
-   Social changes in the Late Dynastic Period
-   Psammetic's unsuccessful policy of containment towards Babylon
-   Herodotus on Psammetic I (656-609 BCE)
-   Necho's first campaign (609 BCE) and the Babylonian conquest of Egypt's traditional sphere of influence in Asia (605 BCE).
-   Herodotus on Necho (609-594 BCE)
-   Maritime Policies of the Saite Kings
-   Herodotus on Psammetic II (594-587 BCE)
-   Herodotus on Apries (Wahibre) (587-569 BCE)
-   Late Period: Desertion and revolt of a discontented army
-   Egypt and the rising Persian empire (560-525 BCE)
-   Herodotus on Amasis (Ahmose II) (569-526 BCE)
-   The Persian Satrapy (525-404 BCE)
-   The last national Dynasties (404-343 BCE)
-The Graeco-Roman Period: The Hellenists
-   Troubled times towards the end of the 4th century BCE
-   The Great Mendes Stela
-   The Canopus Decree
-   The Rosetta Stone
-   Allotment of crown lands to soldiers and their rents in Ptolemaic times

-Dynasty List
-Main Index and Search Page
-Herodotus on the pharaohs
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