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Info and feedback

  • If all you need is some information about myself or about the copyright to texts I have written, then you'd best look here.
  • If you want permission to copy a photograph you'd best address yourself directly to the copyright holder, as I can't be of any assistance.
  • If you are looking for information about a picture the source of which is not cited, I won't be able to help you as I must have mislaid the reference.
  • If you've been experiencing problems printing out some of my pages, there is little I can do but commiserate. I've used a code checker on most pages, so the problem generally should not lie with what I have done, but rather what Microsoft in its unique and infinite wisdom has decided should happen, and the results often do not gladden our hearts. My recommendation is to turn the html pages into Word documents, which should work in most, though not all cases.
    The print function of Firefox is - to the best of my knowledge - quite well behaved.
    This site's layout was optimized for online viewing, and one or two pages cannot be printed at all without some editing, and I'm sorry about that.
  • If you think that colour should be spelled color or are convinced that corn is the same as maize and not, as the Oxford Dictionary has it, (Chiefly Brit.) the chief cereal crop of a district, let us remember that we are apparently, in the words of George Bernard Shaw, separated by a common language. This site follows mostly British usage.
  • If you want to send me an e-mail please mention the page you are referring to by name. There are hundreds of pages on my site (last time I counted there were about a thousand html files), and without the name of the page I probably won't be able to deal with the matter.

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