Ancient Egypt: The end of the Kushite involvement
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The end of the Kushite involvement

The virtual ruler of Thebes, Mentuemhet, continued to be loyal to the Ethiopian dynasty, even while paying tribute to the Assyrians. Amenirdis, Wife of the God Amen, appointed Taharka's sister, Seshepenupet II, as her successor and heir of heir immense wealth and influence.

Tanutamun, son of Sabakos, succeeded his uncle Taharka, after having been chosen by the Napatan priests. Following a dream he'd had, he descended into Middle Egypt (663 BCE), where he was welcomed by all the gods. The Assyrians and their Egyptian allies attacked him near Memphis and were defeated. Tanutamun conquered Memphis and killed Necho, king of Sais, who had defended his fief.
This Psammetichos had formerly been a fugitive from the Ethiopian Sabacos who had killed his father Necos, from him, I say, he had then been a fugitive in Syria; and when the Ethiopian had departed in consequence of the vision of the dream, the Egyptians who were of the district of Sais brought him back to his own country.
Herodotus, Histories 2.52, Translated by Macaulay
Gutenberg Project
Tanutamun sent the booty to the temple of Amen at Napata and continued his drive towards the delta. The chiefs and kings withdrew to their fortresses and the Ethiopians returned to Memphis and started negociations. Assurbanipal sent an army headed by the tartanu (commanding Assyrian general) and Tanutamun
abandoned Memphis and fled to Thebes in order to save his life.The kings and governors I had set over Egypt came into my presence and kissed my feet. I took to the road pursuing Tandamanu. I reached Thebes, the fortified city. He saw a powerful army approaching, abadoned Thebes and fled to Kipkip.
There is no Egyptian account of the occurences. Tanutamen returned to Napata and no Ethiopian army entered Egypt thereafter. The Ethiopians moved their capital further south to Meroe, adopted Meroitic and were cut off from the Mediterranean civilisation.


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