Amarna tablets: Letter of a princess
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Letter of a princess

EA 12

Map of the Levant and Mesopotamia     Tell my lord:
Thus speaks the daughter of the king. To you, your chariots, to the men of your house: Greetings!
    May the gods of Burnaburiash go with you, go in peace and return in peace to your house!
    I prostrate myself in the presence of my lord, saying: by the journey of my messenger I send dyes (or pigments). Greetings to your house and your city! May there be no anger in your heart, or it will cause me to be ill.
Your servant Kidin-Adad prostrates himself. I shall go in the place of my lord.

After a Spanish translation
Juan de la Torre Suárez, La Carta de Amarna EA12: Nueva interpretación y sus consecuencias históricas.

    This tablet, made of Babylonian clay, had generally been attributed to a Babylonian princess and the addressee had been supposed to be Akhenaten.
    Juan de la Torre Suárez thinks [1] that this is a copy of a letter written as part of the correspondence between the Egyptian and Babylonian royal houses in the wake of an illness of Burnaburiash (cf. EA 7 for the Babylonian's expectations of how 'brother kings' should react when one of their number fell ill). After asking gifts from Akhenaten and Meritaten (EA 10) he ignored the daughter in his next letter (EA 11) saying: I know that Mayatu (i.e. Meritaten) has done nothing for me in order that my good health be restored, and has not shown any feelings concerning me. He sees this letter as an apology sent by Meritaten.



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EA 12[1] Juan de la Torre Suárez, La Carta de Amarna EA12: Nueva interpretación y sus consecuencias históricas

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