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Ancient Egyptian bestiary: Cranes
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Crane     Cranes are mostly migratory birds. The Grey Crane passes through Egypt and occasionally also winters in the Delta. The smaller Demoiselle Crane migrates from southern Africa to the regions of the Black and Caspian Seas.

Crane being force-fed

    During the Old Kingdom cranes, like a number of other animals and birds, were force-fed and sacrificed to the gods.
Demoiselle cranes

Flock of herded Demoiselle cranes
Tomb of Ty, Saqqara
M. A. Murray, Saqqara Mastabas, Egyptian Research Account XI, Plate IV

Crested crane Crested crane
Ivory bed inlay from Kerma, 12th dynasty
W. S. Smith, Country Life in Ancient Egypt, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, plate 26

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