Amarna tablets: Letter from Burnaburiash, king of Babylon, to Amenhotep IV
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Letter from the King of Babylon to the King of Egypt
Letter written in cuneiform from the King of Babylon to the King of Egypt

A Letter from the King of Babylon to the King of Egypt

From the El-Amarna Archives: EA 8

Map of the Levant and Mesopotamia

To Naphkhororia [1] King of Egypt, my brother, to say: Thus speaks Burnaburiash King of Babylon, your brother. I am well. To your country, your house, your women, your sons, your ministers, your horses, your chariots, many greetings. I and my brother have signed a treaty, and I spoke thus: Like our fathers, who were friends, we will be friends.

And now, my merchants who travelled with Ahutabu [2] delayed in Canaan for business. After Ahutabu set out on his way to my brother and in the town of Hanatun which is in Canaan Shumda [3] Son of Baluma and Shutatna Son of Shartum from Akko sent their men there. They beat my merchants and stole their money. Ahutabu , whom I sent to you, is before you. Ask him and he will tell you. Canaan is your country and its kings are your slaves, in your country I was robbed. Bind them and return the money they robbed. And the men who murdered my slaves, kill them and avenge their blood. Because if you do not kill these men, they will again murder my caravans and even my ambassadors, and the ambassadors between us will cease. If this should happen the people of the land will leave you.

 [1]    Akhenaten Nefer-khepru-re
 [2]    Ahitov
 [3]    King Simon


Another translation:
[To] Napkhuhru-ri[ya] the king of Egypt [1] my brother [it is spoken] thus:
Burra-buryas the king of Kara[dunyas] thy brother - unto myself (is) peace; unto thee, thy country, thy house, thy wives, thy children, thy officers, thy horses (and) thy chariots may there ever be peace!
I and my brother with one another have conferred amicably, and this is what we have said as follows: as our fathers with one another, we also have friendly dealings. Again my ministers who came with Akhi-dhabu [2] into the country of Kinakhkhi trusted to destiny, from Akhi-dhabu to visit my brother they passed; in the city of Kikhinnatuni of the country of Kinakhkhi Sum-Adda the son of Balumme (and) Sutatna the son of Saratum of the city of Akku, when they had sent their men, slew my ministers and carried off their treasures which they [were taking] for [a present to the king of Egypt].
I have sent to you [therefore] a complainant [who] may speak to thee [thus]:
Kinakhkhi (is) thy country and the king [is thy servant ?]. In thy country I have been injured; do thou punish [the offender]. The silver which they carried off [was] a present [for thee], and the men who (are) my servants they have slain. Slay them and requite the blood (of my messengers); but if thou doest not put these men to death, (the inhabitants) of the high-road that belongs to me will turn and verily will slay thy ambassadors, and a breach will be made in the agreement (to respect the persons) of ambassadors, and this man [3] will be estranged from thee.
One of my men Sum-Adda, having cut off his feet, detained him with him; and as for another man, Sutatna of Akku, having made him stand on (his) head, he stood upon his face.
As for these men ///// one has spoken thus: I have seen indeed ///// [what] thou askest that indeed thou knowest. [By way of a pre]sent, 1 maneh of alabaster I have despatched to thee. [By] my ambassadors a costly gift I have [sent to thee]. [On account of the re]port which my brother has heard my ambassadors do not detain; the costly present let them offer [to thee].
Translated by A. H. Sayce
Records of the Past, Series 2, Vol.3, 1890

[1] Egypt: Mitsri
[2] Akhi-dhabu: Ahitub
[3] this man: Burna-buryas

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