Amarna tablets: Letter from Zatatna, Prince of Akko, to Akhenaten
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Canaanite cities during the Amarna period
Canaanite cities

A letter from Zatatna, Prince of Akko, to Akhenaten

   Let the king my Lord hear the word of his servant!

    Zirdamyasha has withdrawn from Biryawaza [1]. He was with Shuta [2], the servant of the king in the city of [.........] and I said nothing to him, but he deserted to me, and now Shuta has written to me: 'Give Zirdamyashda to Biryawaza!' But I did not consent to give him up. Behold, Accho [3] is (as Egyptian) as Magdal in Egypt, but the king my lord has not heard that Shuta has turned against me. Now let the king my lord send his commissioner to fetch him.

Pritchard ANET pp 484f

[1] Biryawaza, king of Damascus
[2] Shuta: It has been speculated that this was the army officer who was to become Seti I
[3] Accho: Akko, Acco, Acre


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