Amarna tablets: Letter from Tushratta, king of Mitanni, to Amenhotep III
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A Letter from Tushratta to the King of Egypt

EA 23

Map of the Levant and Mesopotamia     To Nimmuaria [1], King of Egypt, my brother whom I live and who loves me.
    Thus speaks Tushratta, King of Mitanni who loves you, your father-in-law. For me everything is well. May everything be well for you, for your house, for Tadu-Heba [2], my daughter, your wife whom you love. May everything be well for your wives, your sons, your noblemen, your chariots, your horses, your soldiers [3], your country and everything belonging to you. May everything be well, very well!
    Thus speaks Shauskha [4] of Nineveh, Lady of all the lands: I wish to go to Egypt, a land I love and then return from there.
Now I am sending you this letter and She is on the way [...] Then, in the times of my father [5] She was in that country, and just as on other occasions She stayed there and was honoured. May my brother honour Her now ten times more than the other time. May my brother honour Her. May you let Her leave when She pleases, so She may return. May Shauskha, Lady of the Heavens, protect us, my brother and myself, one hundred thousand years, and may our Queen grant us both great joy and may we treat each other as friends. Is it because Shauskha is my only Mistress? Maybe She is also the Mistress of my brother?


[...] the year 36, in the fourth month of winter, on the first day. The king staying in the southern city, in Per Hai.


[1] Nimmuaria: Amenhotep III Neb-maat-re
[2] Tadu-Heba: Married Akhenaten after the death of Amenhotep III
[3] To an embattled ally like Tushratta the state of the Egyptian military power was of some consequence.
[4] Shauskha: The goddess Ishtar
[5] Shuttarna


Source of this text: K.C.Hanson after W. Moran, The Amarna Letters, 1992, and Samuel A. B. Mercer, The Tell El-Amarna Tablets, 1939
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atlantis/8322/cap-23.pdf, accessed June 2002, unavailable since January 2003 at least

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