Amarna tablets: Letter from Shuwardata of Keilah
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Canaanite cities during the Amarna period
Canaanite cities

A Letter from Shuwardata of Keilah

EA 280


    To the king, my Lord, my God and Sun, thus speaks Shuwardata, your servant, the dust under your feet. At the feet of my Lord, the king, my God and Sun, I have prostrated myself seven times seven times . The king, my Lord, has sent me to do battle with Keilah. After the fighting there is peace. My city has been preserved for me.
    Why has Abdu-Heba asked of the people of Keilah to accept silver and stand behind him? The king, my Lord, ought to know, that Abdu-Heba [1] has conquered my city.
    Moreover, may the king, my Lord, examine me. If I have taken one man, one ox or one ass from him, then he is in the right.
    Moreover, Labayu [2] who conquered our cities has died and Abdu-Heba is a second Labayu taking our cities. May the king judge his servant according to his deeds. He will do nothing until the king conveys his will to his servant.

 [1]     Ruler of Jerusalem
 [2]     Ruler of Shechem


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